The Truth Behind


How popular mattress brands sell you sleep

Third party mattress review sites like Sleepopolis, Memory Foam Talk, etc.

  • Are heavily incentivized to write positive and favorable reviews
  • Have secret business deals with the brands they're reviewing
  • Get paid for every mattress sold through affiliate links on their blog

With the competition to sell you a mattress online heating up by the day, most mattress brands spend a lot of money on paid-for mattress review blogs for their products to rank and have good publicity. Little do consumers know that the mattress review sites they thought they could trust earn huge shares and commissions when posting good reviews and referrals for online mattress brands.

"Because consumers can't try most online mattresses before purchasing, they turn to mattress review sites like MemoryFoamTalk and Sleepopolis. But, these sites have started developing financial relationships with individual online mattress companies."

- Why There Are So Many Online Mattress-In-A-Box Companies, Curbed

"All of the emerging mattress brands wanted Derek (former owner of Sleepopolis) to review their products like he had the Casper-and all were willing to pay a bounty." "From the first days of the Sleepopolis site's new management, that thorn in Casper's side-Derek's damning yellow box, pointing prospective buyers to competitors-disappeared from Sleepopolis's Casper review."

- The War to Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare, Fast Company

"In emails reviewed by Recode, MemoryFoamTalk owner Andrew Levy explained to Nest's Alexander his motivations for Nectar's ranking. While he noted that he liked the mattress so much, his emails also divulged that Nectar paid his site $150 for each mattress sale, which was as much as 3x more than some other mattress brans that pay around $50 per referral."

- The Online Mattress Industry Promised A More Honest Shopping Experience; We May Have Gotten The Opposite Instead, Recode

"You can't necessarily trust the reviews you read online, at least of mattresses... Check out the disclosures page. Be skeptical of language that says, you know, we may earn a small affiliate commission."

- Reporter Pulls Blanket Off Cozy Ties Between Mattress Companies And Reviewers, Recode

Writing paid-for reviews and referrals is a million-dollar industry for bloggers. While incentivizing bloggers to review our mattresses would certainly lead to more traffic to our website, we choose not to. We want every good review and referral about us to be unbiased and organic Plus paid-for reviews can only add to our customer's expenses when buying a mattress. And, we don't want that.

At Restored Sleep, we don't pay bloggers and popular mattress review sites to sell nor rank in search engines. We let our customers speak for the quality of our mattresses. Please read over some of our 1,000+ real customer reviews.

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